T25 Workout DVD Set Complete 14 Disk Alpha Beta Gamma Collection

May 15, 2016 | Exercise Videos
Get an hour's results in just 25 minutes a day. The only thing standing between you and the results you want is time. That's why trainer Shaun T experimented for the last year to design a program that delivers the same kind of results you'd expect from an hour-long program, in under 30 minutes. - additional hints on T25 Workout DVD Set Complete 14 Disk Alpha Beta Gamma Collection
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CIZE Dance Workout Program 6 DVD Deluxe Set

May 12, 2016 | Exercise Videos
Stop Exercizing...Start Dancing! Forget everything you dread about workouts. Because starting today, exercize isn't something you have to do. It's something you'll want to do. Beachbody is about to show you how to dance your way to fit in just 4 weeks! Let loose your inner dancer as you learn - find more info
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Leslie Sansone Miracle Miles 5 DVD Set with Sculpting Band & Gloves

May 10, 2016 | Exercise Videos
Find your get-up-and-go again with a little help from Leslie Sansone. She'll walk you through her Miracle Miles program in a way that engages and inspires you. And she equips you for success with a seven-day quick-start program and a sculpting band as you join her for miles and miles of steps. - see this page
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Tony Horton’s P90X Workout DVD Program

May 3, 2016 | Exercise Videos
P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 highly intense workouts on 12 DVDs, designed to transform your body in 90 days. P90X includes a "How to Bring It" DVD for a quick overview of the complete P90X Extreme Home Fitness training system. To get you started, you will also receive a comprehensive - look at more info Tony Horton's P90X Workout DVD Program
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Masters Hammer and Chisel Cardio DVD

April 21, 2016 | Exercise Videos
When Sagi and Autumn want tough, fat-chiseling cardio, these are their go-to moves. Short, but intense, this workout boosts aerobic capacity, power, and muscular endurance-without impacting your lean-muscle gains. This is how the Masters do cardio. Ever wonder what Sagi and Autumn's favorite - more..
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Stamina Level 3 Pure AeroPilates DVD

April 5, 2016 | Exercise Videos
Level Three Pure Pilates adds new, more advanced exercises that challenge and build on your new found muscular strength, joint and spine flexibility, and physical coordination. You will quickly see and feel the difference as you learn and practice these more advanced movements. By now, you're - navigate here
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Tai Cheng DVD Workout with Advanced Balance Deluxe Kit

March 23, 2016 | Exercise Videos
Tai Cheng is a natural solution designed to rid you of many common aches and pains that may be holding you back from enjoying lifelong activity. It combines 21st-century fitness science with the centuries-old techniques of Tai Chi to help reduce joint and muscle pain through better muscle - Tai Cheng DVD Workout with Advanced Balance Deluxe Kit review
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Tony Horton’s P90X3 10 Disc Workout Exercise – Base Kit

February 2, 2016 | Exercise Videos
Get ripped in 30 minutes a day, using Tony Horton's breakthrough Muscle Acceleration system. P90X3 combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged every day for 30 minutes of full-throttle intensity that leaves any - check this link right here now
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30 Minutes to Fitness Strength and Stamina

January 19, 2016 | Exercise Videos
The only equipment needed for these two, full body workouts are dumbbells and a kettlebell (a dumbbell can take the place of a kettlebell). This one-of-a-kind format is designed to increase your strength, improve overall muscle definition, and blast away at calories. Both workouts consist of - this link has the deal!
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